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Welcome to our 2024 Bull Sale

Welcome to our 12th Annual Bull Sale! Somehow, twelve years seems like it was yesterday and a long time ago, all at the same time. As we reflect on that, we would like to thank everyone who has supported our program over these years. We appreciate your trust and we really enjoy our associations with you. 

We’re very excited about the bulls for the 2024 offering.  A lot of the bulls are moderate birthweight  bulls that can be used on heifers and cows.  They performed very well given the poor pasture conditions -no creep feeding- and are ready to perform for you.  We had some much-needed moisture in late January, but the bulls ended up a bit dirtier on picture day than we hoped.  Take a closer look under that mud- the bulls look great, and even better in person!   

Our focus remains the same: sourcing and finding new genetics that will improve our cow herd and your cow herd. We try to focus on feet, maternal qualities, carcass quality and calving ease and avoid the extremes.  Every year we feel like we’ve raised the bar for our herd and this year is no exception.  You are all invited to come by anytime to have a look at the bull pen.  Even if you’re not sure if you need a new bull this year, we enjoy the visit and an excuse to stop and eat treats. 

We value your time and know that there are many Bull Sales options out there, so to show our appreciation, Visitors will receive a $200 credit towards a bull they purchase at the 2024 sale. 

We are very thankful to our customers, neighbours and friends for your trust and confidence in our program.  We strive to earn your business by providing the very best bulls possible and customer service to match.

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The catalogue is here!

Wes & Carolyn Gurney

Jared, Raegan, Nathan and Alison

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